What are the entry requirements for the courses?

Entry requirements vary across our courses, therefore please see the relevant course page. If you have any questions please contact our admissions team on admissions@fcic.org.uk.

Is there any funding available?

If you are a UK home student, you can apply for an ‘Advanced learner loan– please see our information regarding eligibility and requirements.

How can I book a careers consultation?

Please click here to schedule and an appointment.

If I am not allocated a work placement, will I be refunded the registration fee?

Yes, as long as you have applied at least 1 month before your course date starting, we can grantee that we will find you a placement. If we are unable to allocate you a placement, you will be refunded the admin/registration fee.

How soon could I get started?

Professional+ Standard: as soon as possible!

Professional+ Advance: as soon as we have found your work placement!

Where will assessments be carried out?

Your assessments will be carried out online.

What do I need to study online?

Working laptop, and access to Wi-Fi.