Professional Certificate of Competency in Advanced TCP/IPBased Industrial Networking (Online Learning)

Course Description


This professional development course is designed for engineers and technicians who need practical knowledge in the design and troubleshooting of Industrial Ethernet networks, as well as the selection, installation, and configuration of components such as routers and switches.

This course deals in depth with the underlying TCP/IP protocols, and specifically addresses both design and configuration issues related to IPv4 and the more recent IPv6.

Learners are able to:
• Covers the more advanced aspects and applications of Ethernet such as advanced switching and routing, CCTV over IP, Modbus, Industrial Security, Intrinsically Safe applications, switched rings (including the latest IEC 62439-3 redundant ring standard), and highly deterministic Ethernet-based field buses (e.g., for servo control) capable of 1-millisecond repetition rates and jitter of less than 1 microsecond.
• Access to remote laboratories and cutting-edge simulation software, allowing you to achieve hands-on outcomes.

Accounting and Finance
DURATION : 3 months
AWARDING BODY: EIT’s Professional Certificate of Competency
  • Entry Requirements
  • Must be over 18 years at the time of application and who have previously achieved a level 3 qualification. There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification, but as a learner you will be ideally to be working with an organisation or role where they can demonstrate skills and apply knowledge. Alternatively, you could draw on previous experience within an organisation or use an organisation you are familiar with.

    The Qualifications have been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression:
      • IELTS minimum 5.0- 6.5 overall with no fail.
      • Pass 5 GCSE subjects or equivelant
    We consider applicants:

    Who have demonstrated some ability and possess Qualifications at Level 3, for example ‘A’ Levels or vocational awards.

      • Who have spent some time in an organisational role and wish to develop their careers further.
      • With professional experience looking to change careers through work-based learning.
  • Units & Assessment
  • Module Structure
    • Network Interface Layer: Ethernet
    • Network Layer Protocols: IPV4
    • Network Layer Protocols: IPV6
    • Host-to-Host and Application Layer Protocols
    • Switching
    • Advanced Switching
    • Advanced Routing

  • Career Development
  • This course gives you the opportunity to start developing your career with dedicated career development support in addition to your online tuition. 

  • Progression
    • On completion of your studies, you may be given a full-time graduate opportunity by your employer
    • You may wish to further your studies by taking on an academic  Master programme or a level 7 professional qualification


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