Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management

Course Description


This Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management is a degree equivalent qualification. Split into 10 units of study, students will learn and develop management skills tailored to fit the role of someone working within a Health and Social Care Management role or looking to enter into this sector.

Each unit of study is designed to build on knowledge from previous units of study and equip the student with a full and thorough understanding and ability to effectively work within a Healthcare Management role. The course is assessed through written coursework assessments and you are required to complete all 10 units successfully to achieve the Level 6 qualification.

Studying for a Management diploma in Health Management with our work-based learning programme Professional+, gives you the opportunity to earn and gain valuable professional experience.


The Qualifications will develop the Learner’s ability to:

    • apply analytical and evaluative techniques and to enhance those skills;
    • investigate issues and opportunities;
    • develop their awareness and appreciation of managerial, organisational and environmental issues;
    • use management techniques and practices in imaginative ways;
    • make use of relevant information from different sources;
    • develop and encourage problem solving and creativity to tackle problems and challenges;
    • exercise judgement, own and take responsibility for decisions and actions; and
    • develop the ability to recognise and reflect on personal learning and improve their personal, social and other transferable skills

Entry Requirements

You must have:

    • One or two years study of Healthcare Management or related qualifications at a Higher Education Institution to enter into or Level 6 Healthcare Management Diploma.
    • A level 5 qualification in Healthcare Management or related subjects
    • Other equivalent international qualifications