Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business

Course Description


Accounting and finance is a specialised branch of accounting that keeps track of a company’s financial transactions. Using standardised guidelines, the transactions are recorded, summarised, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet.


It’s important to point out that the purpose of Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business qualification is not to report the value of a company. Rather, its purpose is to provide enough information for others to assess the value of a company for themselves.

Entry Requirements

    • Relevant NQF/QCF/RQF Level 4 diploma or equivalent recognised qualification
    • Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course
    • Mature learners (over 21) with management experience

Module Structure

    • Financial Management
    • Financial Planning and Control
    • Financial Reporting
    • Taxation Principles and Practices
    • People Management
    • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


Learners completing the Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business will allow progress to:

    • Level 6 Diploma in Accounting and Business, and other relevant Level 6 Diplomas or
    • Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business
    • Learners are eligible to gain direct entry into the final year of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree.