Since leaving university and failing to secure a graduate job myself, I have dedicated my time into developing a higher education programme that addresses the needs of graduates and employers alike. A higher education qualification that offers more than just a piece of paper and rather real value for money.

I have been working closely with graduates, universities, employers and carrying out extensive assessments with parents and learners to find a solution that works for all. A solution that will transform the Higher Education sector. That solution is Degree+ from Future Careers.

San Kaur

I have always believed in higher education, the opportunity for a young person to begin developing their career for a brighter future. Hence I’ve always argued that higher education should be classed as a major investment and not just another stage in ones learning.

Just like any investment, you expect a return with interest, therefore I believe higher education must be structured and delivered in a way that will ensure any young person who invests their time and money in acquiring knowledge at that level achieve their expected outcome.

As a university graduate I was let down by the higher education system, which offers nothing more than a piece of paper at the end of 3 years hard work. So many graduates around the world have been let down in this way and the problem seems to be getting worse. We are now facing the reality that there may no longer be any value in higher education.

I strongly believe that most graduates expected their qualifications to open doors to good and secure career opportunities, instead many end up stuck in survival jobs just to get by each day.

Degree+ is simply a university degree programme that guarantees a learner a paid part-time trainee management role in their chosen subject area from the beginning of their course to the end. This gives learners the opportunity to not only gain lengthy professional management experience but also to earn at least the national minimum wage whilst studying.

The programme also provides employers with highly skilled work ready Higher Education students and graduates, as well as addressing the issue of skills shortage within the UK.